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Sunglasses as we know come in various frame shapes and sizes, although the purpose of sunglasses remains fundamentally same, but you are obliged to choose according to the shape of your face. There are hundreds of styles, shapes, materials and colours of sunglasses, which for the most part serve different purposes and are differentiated by their utility and shape. The size of your sunglasses should always be in proportion with the face size and when you determine the shape of your face, you can start to look for something that contrasts it, But you have to make sure that the sunglasses match your skin tone and hair colour. The colour of the frame should compliment your skin tone and hair colour. Thanks to the excellent designers, there are numerous mens sunglasses, some of the most popular sunglasses frames are Aviator Sunglasses Coming in a tear-drop shaped and mirrored lenses. Originally designed for U.S Air Corps, these sunglasses were developed exclusively for pilots who needed a ...
Have you ever seen a cycle race? If yes, then you must have noticed the cyclists wearing sunglasses. The lenses that are used in these sunglasses have polarizing capability which helps to eradicate the glare in order to see the path clearly so that they are able to react as soon as possible to the hurdles. You might have a question in your mind as to what is that special property in these sunglasses that helps them to reduce the glare. To know this very well, first you should be clear about the polarization of light. Only then you can understand how the polarized sunglasses are able to polarize the light rays coming to your eyes. Let us discuss about the polarization of light. It is a sort of scientific phenomenon in which the light waves are known to vibrate in two planes horizontal and vertical which are restricted to vibrate in a single plane after passing from the polaroid filter. The resulting waves received from polaroid filter are known as plane polarized light. A similar phen...
Designed and developed by Bosch & Lomb, aviators were originally designed for U.S Air Corp pilots during World War II. But, it is said that an aviator named John Macready who beat the altitude record of flying above 33,000 feet in 1920 had actually conceived the idea and worked on it with Bosch & Lomb. This helped in developing aviator sunglasses. The legend has it that his friend Schroeder who had set up an earlier record of high altitude flying was on one of his flights when his goggles fogged and he had to take them off in mid flight. As a consequence of that, his eyes froze where to buy ray ban wayfarer and he had a hazy vision. He somehow managed to land his bi-plane and John Macready helped him out of the cockpit. John was moved by this incident and it prompted him to work with Bosch & Lomb to develop tinted sunglasses that would not only protect the aviators eyes from lethal high velocity winds but would also shield his eyes from the glare, thus aviators were born....
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